Thank you for your interest in indian national arts tradition,we hope to be able to contribute to your research on this particular system known as VAJRA MUSHTI.

A great part of indian spiritual sciences resulted veiled from curious eyes due the continuous pressure and obstinacy of the invaders that continuously pounded the indian nation. Among the evident reasons,there were some very peculiar facts like the law that during british dominion condemned any practitioner of martial arts, traditional medicine (Ayurveda) or physiotherapy (knowledge of Marma or vital points) to death or amputation of the fingers.

Another interesting point was that most works written about indian culture were basicaly made by foreigners that gave to most obtained information the peculiarities of personal interpretation and cultural a notable example,the portuguese 'navigator' Vasco Da Gama when arriving at the Mallabar coast in the southern part of India,he declared to have seen "strange" men doing "strange" movements with their bodies and manipulating strange what he called "Malabaristas" the "portuguese word " for "circus" jokers...when the arabic invasions took place in northern India,people were not allowed to have religious freedom which created a complete block to the expression of indian culture.not to mention that anything that resembled martial arts like for instance a dance form was punished with death and family dishonor.

The last two decades showed that very few foreigners as well as some indians,knew about the existence of indian martial arts or that India was the mother of most known martial arts around the world. Unfortunately, many want to "absorb" knowledge instantaneously or to have "recognised" experience in order to create a "market" on these subjects,like writing books,making meaningless films, stimulating empty competitions etc all these motivations produce confusion and generate lack of courage to face with consciousness one's own mediocrity or desire for power. Indian martial arts are not in that direction and its useless to expect a magical master that will guide you through the tunnels of self conceit,it is up to the degree of true modesty and clean heart that one may run into something special. No internet,no book no film can open an non existing door, only tollerance,patience and non egoistical view can find the real path to the all mighty...Sat Naam...

For a better understanding of the exercises and some of the postures portrayed here,it is necessary to view indian martial arts as whole,even though aparently divided by styles or systems according to region or local culture. The basic of all forms belongs to the same Vedic tree,whether using a sword like in Gatka,or wrestling like Kushti,utilising the body like in Payatt or like in Mallkhamb,the idea was and it is Self Knowledge, the development of one's consciousness towards the Originator.

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