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Dear Sir, after reading attentively your article, we come to realize that people like yourself that act as "researchers"of foreign cultures,insisting in none objective facts, realy seem to be in a continuous expansion, but continuous as well in ignorance of history,languages and practical field work..Indians that are aware of their culture, dont claim anything...it is not necessary..If you realize that "your"number system does not come from Cocooristan, you would realize that is a "normal" thing to exchange cultures,knowledges and experience...
Mediocrity and copycat mentality are still curable deseases, all wich is required is to dive DEEPLY AND LOCALLY in to the interested cultures....are you aware of what you are saying? You do not mention to have knowledge in Sanscrit or Pali,or in arcaic chinese, you speak of your READINGS but you dont say who or what you are reading...do you realize that the greatest number of writers about indian history, are foreigners that have never been in the field? and that many of those who went, were not able to speak the local languages and were dependant of someone that served as a translator? and that many of these so called translators are completely ignorant of their own culture but ready to please a "foreign" visitor..tell me sincerly what is the true value of such researches? people who look and judge according to their lack of existencial experience, who are not engaged seriously in self knowledge in order to understand better what they see....A great number of superficial points of view may become a national anthem if they are Publicised.....We will tell you without any NATIONALISM about such writers...someone bored to death with his own mediocre thinking,decides to read seriously the life of Bruce Lee and Spiderman and realises that writing a book is a good idea to get out of bore-doom... it is very though to face one's ignorance and overcome it with conciousness..it takes courage and spirit..and only then you can make researches..not to be recognised but to help opening the pages of the right books. Maybe you should try reading the RIG-VEDA, (verse 1.8:2 could be enlightning if you find a good translation..) to get betterly aquainted with the INDIAN traditional thought rather than focusing on children or those who boast out of content.
The person who is writing you these words, is not a nationalist or a comic book reader, just someone who spent his life going personaly to China,Mongolia,Korea,Japan,Afghanistan,Turkmenistan,Azerbaijan,Iran,Turkey etc..etc who speaks 11 languages and dedicated his existence to Indian martial arts practice and history and above all, its MEANING.... this is why we dont write articles to please our egos or of people who have nothing else to do than surfing in internet without a board..... Thankyou for your attention and dont worry, we are not offended just sorry...If you wish to reply for a face to face discussion,you may contact us at the following e-mail - zorawarsazer@gmail.com

Zorawar Singh Sardar

Jo Azer B.

By the way, please leave the spirit of Prajnatara and Bodhidharma in peace..they did not provoked more then their predecessors...If you wish to get closer to archeological history rather than fairytales,research on Aleksander's stop in northen Bharat, discover the secrets of Chitral or the Assyrian influence in old China, or Tang Tsao's foreign policy. Any other serious doubts should be faced with Carbonium 14 rather than the waves of Venice beach, California...

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