Being aware

The body does not live without the mind, the mind does not live without the spirit... mind consciousness is the only instrument that we have in face of the challenge of human existence. Our first battle is against a foe that shows itself in a superb disguise...the apparent pair of opposites..our minds are easily trapped by this illusory division and we start building a ficticious "personal" self that is in constant need of stimulation. We try continuously to "properly educate" that self...but using that very same ignorance that created it... men, go on endlessly searching for happyness,security and other smoky creations that are built with aspirations of finding "something" that will fulfill that deep sensation of emptyness... But that "something" is not in the outside,nor in books,nor in reality it has never lefted us even for a moment,but since we are so busy searching for fulfillment, our minds cannot see that there is nothing to unite because there is nothing divided...that is why men are called "individ..duals".

The idea of division.

Purity, the ultimate weapon in the indian martial arts spirit and tradition.

Lacking its deep meaning, the world of martial arts has fallen into a great decay.The insertion of individualism, social and economical targetting as a basic aim, made many poisons from this very profound way of self development.

The ignorance of its original meaning cemented with book-video mediocrity closed down the doors of a marvelous and healthy world... these arts were created with a very distinctive purpose,the warriors did not fight for themselves or for personal goals (exple. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Shiva Ji etc...) as it can be wittnessed in the ancient scriptures ofbharat...(Rig Veda, Gita, Dhanur Veda etc...)

"Engaged inpure action deprived of his ego sense, ready to sacrifice his own life for the sake of others, this indeed is one of the most powerfull aspects of "purity"... soaked in the divine aspiration of having abandoned all low charactheristics of ego, giving no room for fear, anxiety, anger and other known mental diseases, he conquers his weakness in the open battlefield of life, wins the throne of the real kingdom of freedom"

In our present days, most people think that there is no meaning in sacrifice , the general thought is "I must show who I am" " I shall prove that I am important, powerfull, unbeatable etc... " and many are ready to do "anything" to attain these scopes..."purity" is seen as something made for an example of the old days, the practice of vajra-mushti brought about so many hindrances and risks for the practitioners, the training was extremely difficult and students were constantly made to face reality in very sharp ways, how could in present times attract people that think "what will I get out of this?" "what is the prize for all these sacrifices?" as one can see, these self made questions are self based on expectations, rewards, recognition etc. and when these thoughts are deep rooted, instantly birth is given to anxiety, fear , blocking all spontaneous actions and the perception of the present moment. By creating this wall of illusions, one is defeated evenwhen he passes trough a temporary win.....

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